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Originals - since 2008

How did our products come about?

Why does rephormhaus offer products for the home office and the balcony?


rephormhaus is interested in the niche areas of living:


While there are apparently more than enough products on the market for all standard situations, practical, well-designed helpers for the new challenges of living are difficult to find at typical (online-)retailers. In particular, creatively sophisticated, durable products for the balcony and space-saving solutions for the home office are hard to find.


About our products



When in 2006 the Berlin architect Michael Hilgers presented STECKLING, the first plant container to attach to the balcony railing, no one could have foreseen that this idea (or its copies...) would one day change the appearance of many balconies and thus the face of our cities in such a way. ..


Today, our BALCONY is more relevant than ever as a safe vacation spot.


Our rephorm products are produced locally at a plastics manufacturer in Brandenburg, Germany.

STECKLING, Design  Michael Hilgers für rephorm (2006)


In 2011 Michael Hilgers presented the first space-saving wall desk at the Cologne furniture fair. FLATMATE was also ahead of its time back then:


Who would have thought that barely 10 years later our apartments would get smaller and smaller and that many of us would continue to work from home ...

Since 2008 rephormhaus offers originals directly from the designer


Designed in Berlin / Made in Germany / Europe

flatmate, Design:  Michael Hilgers für Müller (2011)



What are the shipping costs?


The shipping costs for our balcony products throughout Europe are 10,00 Euro; The shipping costs for products in the Home Office category are calculated based on their weight.


How can I pay?


Payment is made in advance or by PayPal.


How do I cancel my order?


Information on revocation and returns processing can be found here.


Is there a rephormhaus shop?


We offer our products exclusively on the www.


Where and how are our products made?


Our balcony products are made from recyclable PE in a plastics factory in Brandenburg; our furniture comes from German / European production.


What does "Original Products" mean?


The products we sell have meanwhile become (unfortunately often imitated) classics of product design: You can only get the original designs by the Berlin architect Michael Hilgers from us .



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