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balKonzept is a compact railing shelf / table with an integrated flower box:


This innovative balcony table is simply hung on the balcony railing (thickness up to 60mm; whether flat steel, round or rectangular tube); The raised sides offer protection from the wind.

Instead of potting soil and geraniums, the container can be used for ice cubes and soft drinks ...;-)


An adjusting screw (see assembly instructions) offers the possibility of individual adjustment / fastening.


Outside width: approx. 60cm / depth inside balcony: approx. 40cm.


The table height depends on the height of the railing (railing height minus 21 cm = approx. Height of table surface)


Material: weatherproof recyclable polyethylene



Brand: rephorm


Design: Michael Hilgers


Made in Germany


SKU: balkonzept
  • Aussenbreite: ca. 60cm / Tiefe Innenseite Balkon: ca. 40cm.


    Die Tischhöhe ist von der jeweiligen Geländerhöhe abhängig (Geländerhöhe minus 21 cm = ca. Höhe Tischfläche)


    Material: wetterfestes recyclebares Polyethylen / frostsicher


    Hersteller: rephorm

    Design: Michael Hilgers

    Made in Germany

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